Life seems incidental, with fits of grace. 

There are no mistakes in life, or in my work. I try to reside in a place of pure expression as my work evolves and I evolve with it. Each piece starts with a raw objective intention from within me. Something I feel but cannot yet see. 

follow my process own Instagram: @larryraybrannock  

A simple plan begins the journey but the piece finds it’s own way through a sort of rapture transforming what was unseen into art.

It is important to me that my work is rooted in the processes of the natural world as we are not separate from it. Structures are arranged and built up through feelings of chaos and order.

paintings by Larry Ray Brannock

Layers of solid and liquid forms come together through a burning and cooling process, similar to an island forming from molten rock.

Like the warm pink of a sunset or cool green of a forest I choose one color true to the concept of each piece. Every painting has one feeling or state of mind that it conveys to the viewer. Mostly pleasant but sometimes uncomfortable my art emits an emotion to the spaces they reside.

With 12 pieces currently in this collection "Utterance" will be roughly 25 in total when finished. I am approaching galleries in both NYC and the Hudson Valley to show the body of work. Please contact my agent for inquiries: 845-661-0606 or email us here

follow my process own Instagram: @larryraybrannock